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Bootcamp & Older Adult Group Fitness

8 week Package

MJH Personal Training believes that exercise should be for everyone. 

Offering fitness for everyone in the way of group exercise. 

Group exercise can be a great way to get and stay in shape along side a sustainable diet. It is also a great way to get to know other people socially and will also benefit your mental health. 

Bootcamp is really the wrong word to use, its more like adult PE, We turn up, warm up and get straight to it. The Bootcamp typically runs for 6 weeks and offers 1 session per week. It is bodyweight only and allows you to learn to master the simple and effective ways to get the body to work for you. 


Older adults group exercise is a class available to members of the public typically aged over 60. These classes are aimed at improving balance, mobility, flexibility and stability 

The classes use DBs ranging from 1.1kg - 4.5kg and offer an fantastic way to keep active. 

These older adult classes can be booked monthly offering 1 afternoon session per week.

For more information on booking onto these classes please give me a call or drop an email.


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