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Personal Training

Single 1-2-1 Session - 60mins £35

Partnered Session - 60mins £55

Undecided? Free 30 min Taster session at Fevo Gym - Andover

I am not going to push you to within an inch of your life, my aim is to get you to understand and enjoy fitness and exercise as part of your life, not destroy you on your first session. Exercise should be fun, as part of our lives we can naturally become lazy towards nutrition and fitness and a switch in mindset and a trainer on hand to put you back on the right track can be the difference between standing still and running a 10k.  

I use various different training methods such as Interval training, AMRAP Training, Circuit training, Strength and endurance training and more so I have something for everyone. 

Fat Loss - How does the after burn effect sound? Well this will ensure you still burn calories even after your work out has finished. 
Strength training - Progressive overload programmes are sure to get you pushing some decent weight.
All round fitness - upper/lower splits, full body workouts - anything is better than nothing.

What ever your goals we will work together to achieve them, your not on your own any more!


8 week and 12 week packages available

Online Coaching

£50 pcm 

(standing order) 

Online Coaching is an option for those who would like access to a Personal Trainer but cannot attend 1-2-1 sessions or would like the flexibility of working out in their own home or gym of their choice. 

The service provided to those who choose online coaching includes


From as little £2.00 per day you can have a Personal Trainer in you pocket. 

What ever your goals we will work together to achieve them, your not on your own any more!

  • 45 min initial phone consultation

  • Access to the TrueCoach app

  • Custom workout plan suited to your needs 

  • Daily contact with myself through the app

  • Access to the whatsapp support group

  • Nutrition advice 

  • Monthly check-ins via skype, whatsapp or Zoom


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