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Goal - Regain confidence and become a happier me

"In my first 4 weeks working with Michael I have already started to notice a change in mindset towards my eating and lifestyle, his home workouts really get me focusing on the basics. My confidence is finally coming back. I am starting to believe in myself and achieve my goals in everything"

Rebecca - Whitchurch

Goal - Loose weight for IVF

I have been working with Michael for 11 weeks now and seen some amazing results. I have been going to the gym for years and thought I was quite fit, but with Michael's new programs for me I have learnt you can always push your self/ be pushed more so go for it!!!!!
I am feeling very positive and loving my new workouts.
rock on my next weight in !!!!!!!
Thanks Michael for understanding me and pushing me towards my goals.

Amanda - Andover 

Goal - Get Fit and Prepare for MMA Fight

"Michael has been nothing but professional since day one. I first enquired about training as I have a charity fight coming up and wanted to become leaner, stronger and have more endurance. I gave him all the information and upon our consultation gave me a 16 week plan, to cater to what I was after. I’m currently on week 2 and am already seeing the benefits. Everything is within my capabilities, Michael pushes me each session to be the best I can be. I’m excited to progress and see the outcome of 16 weeks hard training. I couldn’t recommend Michael enough anyone who is thinking about stepping out of their comfort zone and need some support and guidance Michael is your guy!"

Zoe - Newbury

Goal - Loss 7lbs and General fitness

"Michael's motivation to help me has been second to none, his daily goal setting early in the morning gets me ready to challenge the day. Hitting and exceeding my goals now, cant wait for more intense workouts to come"

Steve - Thruxton 

Goal - Get Fitter & Lose 9lbs

"When I first came to Michael I was unsure on what I was able to do, Michael broke everything down and showed me I was capable. I have lost 3lbs in 3 weeks and I have never felt better Mentally and Physically. Am really looking forward to the Group Fitness for the over 50's"

Shirley - Grateley

Goal - Become more Flexible and Stable

"I have been following Michael's Flexibility and Mobility plan now for 9 weeks and the difference I have felt has been Amazing. I am more confident even at 89 years old and feel less likely to take a fall. Will definitely recommend the services of MJH Personal Training to others"

Lorna - London (online)

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